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Satvik Realty is always looking at coordinating and assisting NRIs in correctly making Realty Investments.Any non-resident Indian (NRI), who is interested in buying a property in India, should be aware of certain legal provisions pertaining to the purchase or owning of an immovable property in India under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). NRIs and persons of Indian origin (PIOs) are treated at par, for the purpose of investment in real estate.

Real Estate

Acquisition of Immovable Property by NRIs and PIOs in India With the real estate market in India slated to multiply four fold by 2010 to $45-50 billion.

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Income & Taxes

Investment Opportunities in India for NRIs, FIIs Indian economy has given a feel good factor to the NRIs, especially in the real estate sector.

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NRI remittances touched the magic figure of USD 24.1 billion in 2005-2006, making India the largest recipient of personal money transfers to use.

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When buying a property in India, NRIs are required to carry out all transactions in Indian currency and through local banks. This means NRIs that want to invest..

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NRIs can earn returns from their investments in real estate, in the form of rental income and short or long-term gain. Rental income The rental income earned.

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Properties owned by non-resident Indians have grown in numbers in the last decade, as investment in realty for become investment and personal use.

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India has a policy for non-residents which invites them to invest in the construction and development sector. For investment in independent premises.

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Home Loan

The RBI has given a general permission to banks and housing finance companies registered with the National Housing Bank to provide loans to NRIs for buying..

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